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Everything you need to know to create change is in this insightful video. Way back in 1984, Brazilian psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe, was pointing out the roots of the problem and laying out clear solutions. Powerful, revolutionary and, 40 years later, still profoundly relevant.

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- Conference, 1984

Analyzing the 1% TV Show

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The Liberation of the People at Occupy New York

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The Power Syndrome - Liberation of the People TV Show from New York, 1986

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The Power Syndrome
by Juhed Abuchehin, M.D.

Research in neurochemical and behavioral fields concerning Serotonin, a neuroregulatory agent produced and stored at various sites in the brain and the alimentary tract, corroborates Norberto Keppe's discoveries of the correlation between power and mental illness. This substance, indicated by a number of researchers as being linked to severe mental disorders and various organic diseases, is present in high concentrations only in individuals who hold positions of power or who are obsessive power seekers.

We can say, then, that the discoveries of Norberto R. Keppe elucidate the enigma posed by John Locke: "The great question which in all ages has disturbed mankind..., has been not whither be the power in the world, nor where it came, but who should have it."
In this book the question of power is explained not only from philosophical and spiritual perspectives, but also and especially from a scientific point of view.

From Liberation of the People: The Pathology of Power, page 375 and 379 , Norberto R. Keppe, New York, 1986.

Liberation of the People TV Show from New York, 1986

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Brazilian social scientist, Norberto Keppe, discusses the dangers of subordinating politics to economics. More relevant than ever today.


Stopping the Destruction of the Earth

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Everybody’s concerned about our dire environmental situation. And war and terrorism. Not to mention escalating depression and drug addiction. And gas prices going through the roof. The global conversation is quickening. But the solutions are proving hard to come by.
Why? Because we haven’t gotten to the root of the problems. The main cause of that is the social economic power.

Our Society's Most Important Mistakes

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"The socio-economic powers-that-be believe it is they who carry the world, not that all the rest of humankind must carry them, with their egoism and exploitation which deprives human beings of their well-being and freedom. It seems incredible, but true human liberation depends basically upon the nullification of socio-economic power, for humanity is controlled by such power, which has monopolized all of the means of production as well as science, the arts and technology, to such an extent that all countries and all people are dependent upon it."

Liberation of the People the Pathology of Power, page 49


A Social and Economic Paradise is Possible

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Work doesn't only bring prosperity, but health, intelligence and balance. True work -- work linked to goodness, truth and beauty can bring enormous equilibrium to society and people. Here's how we can bring peace, tranquility and a truly authentic civilization.

Liberation of the People: Free Enterprises in Action (1986) - Highlights

Work, as it is structured today, is immoral; it serves immoral causes. Yet the people are not aware of this. In fact, any person who works to serve a powerful institution is doing his part in allowing the sickest individuals to continue to indulge their craziness, which makes the people, whom they hold in bondage, unbalanced as well.

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Liberation of the People: The world belongs to us!

Conference in Florida, 1986
Claudia Pacheco - Liberation of the People - The Pathology of Power, Norberto Keppe.

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