September 20, 2008


I believe it is fundamental that the people take action so that the discoveries in this book do not simply remain in the realm of theory. Therefore, I propose the following plan of action:

1. That groups be formed to study the question of the enslavement of the people by economic-financial power
2. That these ideas be transmitted to society as a whole, especially to organizations and social leaders
3. That trilogical enterprises be set up: stores, farms, businesses and corporations, organized to bring profit to those who work in them
4. That trilogical societies be established, providing a more modern, practical and economical type of community life
5. That this work be begun in the areas where the people are exploited most (commerce and business), and that a close link be established with farmers and industrialists;
6. That as the trilogical enterprises become sufficient to meet the needs of the nation, the people should boycott all of the establishments that exploit them;
7. That the politicians in league with the economically powerful be watched constantly to prevent them from siding with the socio-economic powers-that-be in detriment to the people;
8. That all well-intentioned individuals, the genuine leaders, be encouraged to act so that nations can succeed in fulfilling their great dream of equality and freedom;
9. That the two-thirds of the population made up of normal, productive, idealistic people take an active part in this endeavor so that within a few years we will have transformed the face of the earth.
Final note: Our work must be based on non-violence. We will leave those who are ill-intentioned (the economically powerful) to rant and rave in their hatred.

Norberto R. Keppe
Liberation of the People: The Pathology of Power, Proton Publisher, New York, 1986

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