September 20, 2008
October 20, 2008


In his book, Liberation of the People, psychoanalyst, philosopher and social scientist, Norberto R. Keppe, introduces a new economic dialectic:

1)    The end of speculation: as it is rightly a result of work, capital must be subordinate. This changes the inverted system of today where money “generates” money.
2)    The end of exploitation: for the human being to have dignity, it is essential that he/she be the owner of his/her work and the manager of the profits generated by it. Work as it is today is immoral because it enslaves the human being and forces him/her to spend an entire life working to enrich a small minority of sick people in power.

This is not socialism or capitalism, but a Third Way that is independent of the other two and totally new.

Through this system the power of money is replaced by the value of work and accomplishment. It offers a practical solution to the economic problems of individuals and society. Many enterprises have operated successfully on this system since 1985 in the United States and Europe and today the concept is well developed in Brazil, where our Trilogical enterprises make an enormous contribution to society and create an abundant and conscious lifestyle for the owners of the company.

A Trilogical Enterprise is a new business model with the objective of resolving the basic problems of the existing economic system:

•    Each individual is a shareholder based on his productivity, not on money invested;
•    Salaries and profit distribution are based on individual productivity;
•    Capital investment is treated as a loan, not as a basis for profit distribution;
•    Everyone working in the enterprise participates in a program that helps him become aware of mistakes and attitudes that are harmful to his productivity.

Using the slogan “Where the Workers are the Owners,” these companies provide a type of work and lifestyle that is vastly superior to what is normally found in modern society.

Keppe developed this aspect of his work in the United States, where he fell victim to endless attacks orchestrated by the authorities linked to the socio-economically powerful who did everything they could to stop him.

This intellectual persecution culminated in the imprisonment of Keppe and his principal assistant, Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco, in 1988 in New York, where the two scientists suffered an attempt on their lives by poisoning inside the prison. They also lost all their possessions and assets accumulated from their considerable work, along with a number of manuscripts of their books and writings.

Now 84 years of age, Norberto Keppe currently works in São Paulo, Brazil accompanied by a dedicated international group who work with him to spread his powerful vision for a better, more humane and just society. Keppe continues to write and publish, and has recently completed a much needed unification of the wisdom of ancient metaphysics with modern science in his book, A New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics.

Based on the vision outlined in this book, a group of engineers from the STOP the Destruction of the World Association have developed the Keppe Motor – a highly sustainable motor technology that is up to 15 times more economical than traditional motors.

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