A Libertação dos Povos da Patologia do Poder


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Trilogical Enterprises - True Work

Many People imagine simply because they are working in schools, businesses, banks financial institutions, scientific research, the civil service, or for that matter any type of job, they are doing as much as they can for themselves and others.

This is true, to a certain extent, for the people are the ones who actually work, producing foodstuffs, means of transportation, clothing, services and so on. Most important, however, is their fact that the people neither enjoy the fruits of their labor, nor are they free to produce the best for others...

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Trilogical Enterprises - Sociotherapy Through Work

The first opened in 1984 in New York City, but were soon spreading to London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon and São Paulo. All of them had certain characteristics in common: financial stability and/or constant growth, satisfied workers and very happy clients and customers.What distinguishes the Trilogical enterprise from existing traditional companies? Mainly the fact that they are scientifically organized and tested to provide sociotherapy; that is, they are structured in such a way as to help make society and the individuals in it more sane.

The psycho- and socio-therapeutic function of the Trilogical enterprises is easily understood, given the immeasurable difference that exists between being an employee (or manager) of a business and being an owner of the enterprise in which one works.

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Trilogical Enterprises: Solution for a Productive Economy

Why a New Enterprise Model?

Businesses organized according to traditional models are facing serious problems today. Not only has overall productivity fallen, but we see that the economy is no longer developing. Quite the contrary: the quality of life is deteriorating significantly the world over. The basic causes for this decay in production are the following...

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Trilogical Enterprises

 Work is of two kinds. The more common of the two involves the great majority, those who work only to earn enough money to live. This type of work is generally tiresome and unpleasant because it is devoid of soul; that is, it is anti-human; it goes against human nature. This includes all banking activity, the greater part of all trade and commerce, and any other type of work that does not truly benefit the individual. The second type of work is that which is done for the good of mankind — ideally the only kind of work we should do, but which unfortunately is the case in only a very few instances.

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The Individual, the Family, and the Trilogical Society

In spite of all of his obvious problems, the human being seems to have retained within himself a glimmer of hope that one day he might live reasonably well and be happy. The growing number of second marriages shows that individuals attempt to be happy; however, they err in the analysis of the cause of their failures. No one, no matter who they are, can be happy in this infernal type of life.

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